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 Autoresponders and Forwarders


An 'autoresponder' will send a response back to anybody who emails that specific address. This feature is often used as an 'out of office' reply, or more creatively to for example send out automated sales information.

If you still want to receive a copy of the incoming email in addition to sending the automated response, be sure to use an email address which is already configured as a 'POP email account' or 'Forwarder' within your cPanel.

If you simply want to send an automated reply without ever reading what has been sent to this address, use an email address which is not configured as one of your existing POP email accounts or Forwarders. Do bear in mind that doing so means you'll never see any email that was sent to this address.


Email forwarding is a feature that forwards email sent to a specific address on your domain through to any other email address.

Often a customer will prefer to collect all of their email in one place, so will have their website email forwarded through to their ISP email account for example. Another frequent use of email forwarding comes when a business requires copies of incoming sales email be sent to all of their sales staff.

To forward incoming email through to any other email address, choose the "Forwarders" option within your cPanel. From this screen, click "Add Forwarder" and add a) the address you'd like to forward mail for, and b) the address the email is to go to.

Note: If you set up forwarding for a specific email address which also has a POP mailbox on our servers, any incoming email for that address will be forwarded and stored in the mailbox. If you don't want to keep a copy of your forwarded mail on our servers, simply delete the corresponding mailbox (under "Manage Accounts" in your cPanel), but leave the forwarder in place. A forwarder does notneed a corresponding POP mailbox on our servers to function.

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